Thursday 9 July 2009

The Gardener: Alex Monroe at Penhaligon's

Alex Monroe is my favourite contemporary jewellery designer. I covet all of his work and everyone I have met who is involved with his company has been completely charming.

I received an e-mail earlier this week saying he was collaborating with Penhaligon’s in Covent Garden. He has written a children’s book and designed a new collection of jewellery which is inspired by the tale- you can read more about the exhibition and follow Alex's blog here.

I really enjoy it when complimentary brands link together, often links ups don’t seem to make much sense but this one does- and combines my love of jewellery and scent! These are two companies that are dear to my heart, Alex Monroe because every piece of his/ their jewellery I own is cherished and has good memories- the silver rosebud ring I bought with some Christmas money that would be a final gift from a loved relative, the butterfly ring I stalked for a year and finally bought, the birds on a branch necklace that is so perfectly entwined with family that it could have been made for me.

Penhaligon’s is special to me because they are purveyors of scents not only to the Royal family but to my very own, slightly less illustrious but possibly even more eccentric, family. Their scents fill my memory with wrapping parcels and Christmas shopping trips, of long car journeys filled with their relaxing scents, of bathrooms bursting with the smell of their soaps and of keeping their beautiful boxes to fill with who knows what because they are just too lovely to part with.


Liberty London Girl said...

Oh me too! Muv always has Bluebell bath essence, and lil'sis & I have trekked across London to buy it. Royal Exchange is always best at Christmas: smaller queues! And she & I both love Alex Munroe too. LLGxx

Unknown said...

What a lovely memory.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful blog.
I am happy to have found you!

Jayne said...

Welcome back! Love the idea of you stalking a butterfly ring. *grins*

Rose said...

LLG- The Royal exchange is a good tip- I tend to do the Burlington Arcade so I can do a bit of lusting after the jewels!

My Papa is a real dandy when it comes to scent and bathing- anything Blenheim bouquet is received like it's a case of vintage champagne!

Jen- ah thanks.

PTE- thank you so much. I'm so glad you found me too.

Jayne- thanks :-) a combination of tricky internets and crazyness led to me absence- it's good to be back. I really did, not in a mac with dark glasses but all around the internet and several shops... now it's mine!!

Anonymous said...

Sehr interessant!

alex monroe said...

i love alex monroe jewellery its amazing i really want the bumblebee necklace sienna miller has !!