Wednesday 2 December 2009

Gift Guide 2009

For everyone:

A moleskin per month- all in different colours.

Keel's Simple Diary. I have one (a yellow one) so can attest that it is fun but takes the pressure off writing something every day. I know they have been around for a little while but I'm sure there are still plenty of people who don't know about them. I heard about them via Lola is Beauty.

For him:

London review of books keyboard reference mouse mat Found via India Knight's Posterous. I've ordered two- and I'm hoping someone orders one for me!

The new Star Trek motion picture. I loved it. So did everyone I know. You can watch it with the whole family too I think- except perhaps watch out for the 'Wrath of Khan' bit. Picture from all posters.

Bamboo i- pod sleeves. Don't they look good? A good alternative to the sock mine has been living in for about 6 months. Perhaps my i- pod deserves a Christmas present? (Founda via Divine Caroline).

For her:

Bright Star: The Complete Poems and Selected Letters. There are other books and editions of John Keats poetry and letters to Fanny Brawne but this cover was the prettiest. I suggest going to a real bookshop and burying your head in the various works available and picking the one you think best.

If that picture of Fanny falling into the Blubells makes your heart flutter like it does mine- or if you just want to give a themed gift might I suggest some Penhaligon's bluebell bath oil would go beautifully with the book.

The scent is delightful, it smells of the ground under the blubells as well as the woods they grow near.

Perhaps more knowing is Ormonde Woman bath oil from Ormonde Jayne. The scent is bewitching, beguiling and utterly beautiful. (Please send me some Santa).

On a tighter budget I think this retro bath oil from Boots looks and smells very good- very much the kind of thing you might get in a European apothocary- which can only be a good thing.

Also in the beauty departmentMedieval by Lipstick Queen is the colour of naturally flushed lips and comes in rather wonderful packaging don't you think. Ideal for ladies who love a bodice ripper.

If you prefer to give an experience I think the afternoon tea at the Athenaeum Hotel is sublime. I have had lots of afternoon teas but this is the best so far- and they let you take your time. It is also quiet and roomy enough in their salon to be ideal for Mother's and Grandmother's who might not like the din and excitement of some of the fast moving but lovely London restaurants that do tea. Ideally take a walk around Green Park before tea as with two rounds of sandwiches, scones, 2 choices of cake (and/ or macaroons) and crumpets you need to work up a hunger!


Glad tidings at Luckyscent where I found that Commes De Garcon are now offering actual incense sticks scented with their incense perfume range- which is much adored by myself and other perfumistas (and so scent legend says Morrissey).

Tom Ford's Black Orchid now comes in a handbag sized pen. I am actually not that big a fan of the juice- though I very much like voile de fleur- but I seem to be the only person I know who isn't and the bottle is to die for good looking.

For the men in your life I don't think you can ever go wrong with a bottle of Caron Pour Homme.

(Picture from Fragrantica).

For men and women either scent or any of the accompanying range from Acqua Di parma always brings a smile. Who couldn't like that slightly clean but slightly smoky, incense fragrance or that sunny yellow packaging?

If they are developing an interest in scent- or just like a good book to dip in and out of Perfumes: The Guide is a work of genius to me. It's also now available in paperback!

Happy shopping!


vicki archer said...

Great ideas Rose..xv

Miss Nightingale said...

LOVE all of these - for a moment I actually had to do a double-take and think if I'd sleep-posted this, or something! You have great taste (in that I mean it's very similar to mine ;) )

Rose said...

Thanks Vicki

Miss Nightingale- thank you so much. I think we must have very similar taste as I LOVE your etsy picks and have found some brilliant stuff through your lovely blog