Wednesday 7 April 2010

Beautiful berries

The Pineberry is apparently the strawberry that tastes like pineapple. It looks very charming doesn't it? like nature got confused with it's crayons and coloured the strawberries in wrong this time.

Found via Daily Candy; you can also read more about pineberries, their eighteenth century origins and why they are still a strawberry, at the Guardian.

Photo also via Daily Candy.


Ines said...

Never heard or seen this.
BUt it looks totally cute! :)

Laura Demetriou said...

Hmm, I'm really not sure about this! They look like an albino strawb, but taste like pineapple??

I'm not convinced!

Marie said...

These look crazy! I can imagine it would be odd to think you're going to eat a Strawberry and taste pineapple. But yes they are very pretty at the same time. Hmm, now to find one to try!

slowdownapproaching30 said...

I can't wait to try these.. Especially in a cocktail!

Jayne said...

I do want to try these - they look so pretty! I can imagine now the dessert of red strawberries and white pineberries... and a dollop of chocolate sauce. Mmm!

Unknown said...

Very cute. Now I wonder whether I can get some at Tesco?

MommyHeadache said...

Absolutely gorgeous but have never seen them at the shops- are they available in the US?

Vanessa said...

Somewhat bizarrely, I saw these featured in a copy of the Daily Express I found abandoned in Belgium last week, and thought I must give them a try. I like the sound of their pineappley taste without all the "woody" core business you get with real pineapples.

ScentScelf said...

Rose, I grow "alpine strawberries" which are white and somewhat pineapple-y. Am going to have to hunt around to see if they are related or even the same. (Emma K, I am in the US, too.)

They are a happy part of my garden, not only because they are a treat to eat, but because I just let them wander where they may as a sort of groundcover.

Slowdownapproaching, the alpines are delicious in a cocktail. :)

Emily said...

How funny! I;ve never seen those before! I love that you said nature got confused with the colors:) so poetic. Loving pics of berries- makes me want to eat a whole basket of them in the middle of a parc in the summertime. x LZ

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Wow- I've never seen this! What a delicacy!

Muddling Along said...

Very pretty - but I suspect my brain wouldn't be able to deal with a non-strawberry tasting strawberry

Private said...

never heard about these before - but if i ever see them in person i'll try them:) they look so cute!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Don't you think they look a bit ill, or at least spooky? Like albinos? I am not so sure about these little fellows.

jane said...

Gosh how intriguing. I'm not too sure about this though - I'd try it, but I don't know if I want my strawberries to taste like pineapples...!

Rose said...

Hi Ines- I know, I think these with normal strawberries would look lovely- not sure how they taste though!

Hi CB- I still haven't tried them but if I can track some down will let you know about the taste!

Hi Marie- I agree I would be expecting a sweet strawberry taste

Hi Slowdown- that is exactly what I thought!

Hi Jayne- and a sundae yes- if I find some I will try and make a cocktail and a sundae

Hi Savoir- Waitrose apparently!

Hi EmmaK- I don't know, I would have thought so especially as scentscelf grows what sounds like the same thing and lives in the US- they are probably quite rare everywhere though

Hi Flitter- that is bizarre- I didn't know the express went so far! Still haven't tried, feel like I must seek some out

Hi Scent Scelf- how exciting- think they must be the same thing! Your garden must look so pretty

Hi Emily- yes makes me think of meeting friends for wine and fruit after work- the weather is getting there!

Hi Daily- the jury seems to be out on the taste though!

Hi Muddling- no I agree, would have to try to test how weird the taste vs look thing is

Hi Alexandra- they are sweet aren't they, if a little confused, they look like they stepped out of Alice in Wonderland

Hi MM- ah but I am sure they would like you!

Hi Jane- no that does seem to the consensus! great profile pic ;-)