Monday 12 April 2010

#musicmonday: Summer Camp- Ghost Train

Summer Camp are Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey.

For a time their identity was an intriguing mystery but they have just played their first headline gig at The Lexington and I've already been lucky enough to see them at Owl Parliament and Communion in London.

Summer Camp's music sounds to me like it's from the soundtrack to a really cool film that no one saw in the cinema but that picks up momentum as it moves through the bedrooms and houses of students, dreamers, those people who seem like they are drifting but aren't really. The film would be about American kids having a seminal summer in their lives where not very much actually happened but it all seemed very important to the characters.

The film would be lo-fi and slightly drained of it's colour with sun- like an old beach boys record cover; a bit like if Sofia Coppolla did an all American summer movie. When you saw it you'd love it and tell all your friends and then you'd be sad when it became well known and it was no longer your little secret.

Summer Camp's first release 'Ghost Train' is available from the Moshi Moshi Singles Club from today.

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