Monday 4 October 2010

The innocent cafe

The Innocent cafe is open until Friday. Located just off Old Street the cafes concept is that you can eat your five portions of fruit and vegetables in just 2 courses from their menu. I was a piggy and had 3 courses: beetroot and horseradish Pierogi (dumplings), Korean kimchi (some kind of pickled cabbage, very tasty!) and mushroom pancakes and rice pudding brulee with autumnal fruit compote.


Becky said...

Got a table booked here tomorrow night - excited, even more so now that I've seen some pics!

Metropolitan Mum said...

Looks like a very stylish way to increase your 5 a day. Good girl! :)

Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Ooh something that's now near where I work. Not sure I'll make it by Friday but good to read about something 'local'.

Rose said...

Becky- hope it's good!

MM- exactly- and £5 is not exactly steep is it

Joan- it would be great if it was open longer, there is lots of nice stuff around there, although perhaps not quite so healthy and cheap!