Wednesday 1 October 2008


Does anywhere in London have some Essie Mademoiselle nail varnish?

I don't want Vanity Fairest and it's all every shop that stocks Essie sells in the way of natural pink. I'm sure it's very good but I am used to Mademoiselle and I prefer the name, which shouldn't matter but it sort of does. What I would really like is the sort of nails that look perfect just buffed and filed and I'm afraid mine do look better with polish on them. I know I can get Essie on the internet but I wanted it last weekend for a wedding and there was no time.

Why haven't I seen the original Brideshead Revisited before?

It is being repeated on an obscure channel presumably because the new film is coming out (it's not getting very good reviews but I reserve judgement). The two episodes I saw on Saturday (when recovering from the country wedding I couldn't get nail varnish for) were wonderful, I was totally gripped. Jeremy Irons' narration is wonderful, his voice is so like melting dark chocolate I could listen to him reading the shopping list and be entranced. I see a box set purchase on the horizon. My amazon wish list is heaving with weight.

How much longer can my perfume no buy continue?

It's been about 4 months without bottles or samples and it's becoming a real struggle. The scents testing my will particularly are Sel De Vetiver and Guerlain Winter Delices. There are many more testing my will but these two have my finger itching for my credit card.

Essie Mademoiselle picture courtesy of:

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Harrods perfume department picture courtesy of: (they say it's Liberty's old perfume room but it looks like Harrods to me)


Unknown said...

Do they still sell Winter Delices? I know over here in the US it has been discontinued. As for the nail polish I have absolutely no idea (I don't wear to much of it and I don't live in London). Someday I will get to Brideshead Revisited (I will probably see the new movie first.)

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Rose- I buy my Essie Mademoiselle online at: because it always seems to be sold out of every shop I go into.

I saw the movie Brideshead Revisited- the one that just came out- and was disappointed (and I REALLY wanted to like it)... I haven't seen the Jeremy Irons version but heard it was MUCH better.

Rose said...

J, well no it's discontinued here too but there is a website that has it available but it's expensive.

Re the Essie, no that's fair enough not living in London it would be tricky for you to know! I think I will need to resort to the internet. I only do them for special occasions anyway.

I had never got round to the first Brideshead either and really only happened upon it just as it was starting. I only saw 2 episodes but I really liked them so now I need to watch more. I still want to see the new one too.

Rose said...

Hi Daily,

It is very popular isn't it- surely the shops should buy more!

I'm sorry to hear that you were dissapointed with the film but I'm not surprised, the reviews I have read haven't been very good at all.

Well I have only just started the original but it is very good so far.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose!
I am over the moon that I've found your blog - because I live near London and I share your interests! I love Liberty's fragrance department and have indulged in Dzing! there, and have spent a delightful morning in Les Senteurs where I was seduced by Carnal Flower. I'm now exploring the fragrances by Penhaligon's as I love their pretty Victorian shops and gorgeous presentation... sorry this is such a general comment but I'll revisit, and be more specific in future.
By the way, I liked the last episode of Tess yesterday, and if you are able to find the Jeremy Irons/ Anthony Andrews version of Brideshead, I think you'll love it!
Best wishes,

Rose said...

Hi Linda, I'm really glad you like the blog. Dzing and Carnal Flower are both great choices!

Yes the last Tess episode was the best, I was gripped at the end, even though I knew what was going to happen.

I really need to get that Bridheshead box set and sit down and watch.

Actually the Penhaligon's scents are quite Bridheshead appropriate I would say. They are one of the lines that really got me interested in non department store perfume and I love Bluebell of the ladies scents- it really does smell of a bluebell wood. Their mens scents are great though, Hammam and Blenheim especially.

Looking forward to hearing from you again.