Thursday 28 May 2009

Florence and the Machine

If you can get a ticket for Florence and the Machine at The Bloomsbury Ballroom tonight do. I went last night and it's a great venue- intimate but Art Deco.

This is my second time of seeing her and I still think Florence has the most amazing voice. Her cover version of You've Got the Love by Candi Statton just works so damn well- 100% satisfaction guaranteed every time.


Jayne said...

What great cover art - very intriguing. Florence is the name of the lady in my story as well, so double thumbs up from me! Might have to look them up on youtube - cheers for the suggestion - always nice discovering new music.

Rose said...

Jayne- the cover for her new single is fantastic too (it's on the website) it's all pink enamel sink and silk flowers, it's made me want a coloured bathroom which I never thought possible!

Definitely check Florence out. I should have inserted something from Youtube but was in a bit of a rush!

Unknown said...

Love the cover art!

Rose said...

Hi Jen, I think you would really like all of her artwork- and quite possibly her music too.