Wednesday 27 May 2009

Ticket for one

I found myself at the cinema on a very grey evening with my plans to see Cheri cancelled.

I was disappointed, I had been wanting to see the film for weeks. So I decided that I may as well just go and see the film. So I was on my own, so what? I was already here, it was five minutes to the film, they had Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie- surely it would be wrong not to go.

I have been to films on my own before but not often. A very unscientific straw poll of what people (well my friends) think about this was interesting. It was those who have a noticeably wide group of friends but who are also fiercely independent who think going to films and plays alone is very liberating and very enjoyable (not all the time I hasten to add). When I think about it it was those who are rarely alone and would admit to finding it difficult to spend time alone who thought it was strange and even sad.

I really enjoyed Cheri and when I think about it those films I have seen alone, whether because of circumstance like that day or from choice (because none of my girl friends are wild about Tarantino) have all been ones I have felt a particular connection to.

When I was younger I would never have gone to see that film on my own. When my friend cancelled, even though I was already there I would have gone home I'm sure. Now that I'm older I thought 'I'm going anyway' and I'm glad I did.

That's not to say I would always want to go alone, it's not as fun beforehand picking food and it's definitely not as fun afterwards not having someone to compare quotes with or re tell jokes to. I don't think you would go to see the latest blockbuster on your own but some films are much better in the cinema and if it's something I want to see I'm going to make myself go on my own sometimes if no one wants to come.


vicki archer said...

Bravo Rose - I have yet to attempt the cinema solo which is strange because I am very independent and do much on my own. I have seen Cheri but have to say I was very disappointed...xv

Fabulously French said...

You should be proud of yourself for going on your own - I have travelled and lived on my own but have also never been to the movies on my own.

I wanted to see the movie as it was showing here at our local cinema but it did not start until late and I was tired so did not end up going. I may end up buying the DVD though!

L x

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, Thank you! it is quite liberating in a way!

I quite enjoyed the film and I do think in part it's because I was watching it alone and was more engrossed. I am also starved of French scenery and loved all the art Noveau!

I thought Michelle Pfeifer was as good as ever but Kathy Bates looked very uncomfortable in her outfits and although I thought Rupert Friend was very good when he said Noo noo I cringed each time- but then I suppose you should cringe really.

Rose said...

Hi Fabulously French, thank you- I am quite proud of myself! I suppose I did think twice about it but then I thought come on you've travelled here and you want to see it so just go.

It's so annoying when film times don't work with your times- I never understand why they are either just before work finishes or at about 9pm. The ideal time is surely 7.30pm or 8.

I would check it out on dvd, if only for the Art Noveau interiors- which are divine.

Unknown said...

I always find seeing a film on my own enjoyable, I don't do it all the time, but there is definately something to be said about knowing you will never be late because of someone else.

Rose said...

Hi Jen, no I wouldn't do it all the time and think there are some films I wouldn't want to see alone- anything scary especially! that's true about lateness- and I also get quite annoyed when people talk during films!

Perfumeshrine said...

Belonging to the group who would actually like to see films on one's own. After all, in a cinema theatre you're never alone....all those people breathing together in the dark. :-)
It's fabulous to be able to discuss the film with someone afterwards though!
So was Cheri good?? I am counting on you giving me the full report.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Rose- I'm so glad you went alone- I love going to the movies solo (sometimes I prefer it:) I actually went to see Easy Virtue by myself only a few days ago! Quelle coincidence :)

Rose said...

Hi E, It's true you aren't alone in the cinema- I hadn't thought of it like that.

I really enjoyed Cheri but I don't know the stories- which may have made it easier for me to enjoy it. It's not perfect by any means but it's involving and beautiful to look at; there are lots of Guerlain bee bottles dotted about which I know you'd appreciate ;-)

Rose said...

Hi Daily, I hope everything is good with you back in the US. I'm glad there is another independent spirit who goes it alone sometimes- I found it so relaxing!!

I thought Easy Virtue looked really fun! hope it was.

Tania said...

I do it a lot, because I work shifts so my social life is out of step. Also, there are films my friends don't fancy seeing, but I do. And I live very near the local Odeon, so sometimes I'll just go to the midnight showing on a whim.

I agree about cinema talkers - there's a special hell for them! Also those who text constantly, as the light from phones is very distracting.

Rose said...

Hi Tania, I think the cinema is at it's best at unusual times. There are far less of the annoying texters/ talkers and it's all just more relaxed. I think I should just pop in to see stuff more than I do- it's so relaxing.