Monday 28 September 2009

Masterchef: The Professionals

It's a cliche but staying in really is the new going out for me when Masterchef: The Professionals is on. I keep missing loads of it and an i-player catch up, while good, is not quite the same as the real, live programme- with other sofa buddies to criticise the chefs (as if any of us could gut a squid in ten minutes).

The scheduling of this guilty pleasure lovely is maddening though. Tonight I am staying in so- whoop whoop- I can watch Masterchef. However tonight is just a thirty minute episode. Now when I am out on Wednesday it is a one hour thirty minute episode- how is this fair? Why can't we have forty- five minutes every evening?

Still I shouldn't complain, thirty minutes will still be good- and apparently the skills test is hollandaise, yum! Even when the cooks aren't very good there is always the joy of Gregg's pudding faces (I have never seen a man enjoy dessert so much!) and Michel Roux Jr's eyes- the deepest, most chocolaty eyes on television.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

This sounds like the shoe Top Chef that I am obsessed with in America- Who knew a cooking competition could be so compelling?

ScentScelf said...

Quite a few moons ago, my then very young son and I were stuck in a motel room in the woods and rifled through the cable channels. Whoa-za! Iron Chef!! The original. We were fascinated, from concept to overdubbed execution.

Something about cooking shows provides plenty of entertainment, both on a direct/useful level, and then on a level beyond...hence, we can watch Julia, AND Chevy Chase and/or Meryl Streep as Julia. :)

Enjoy your Masterchef! I agree, there is something about seeing it "live" vs post broadcast. Squid gutting not required. ;)

Rose said...

Hi Daily- that sounds similar yes- Masterchef is a whole family of shows but this one is my favourite. Cookery programmes are so relaxing, I'm not sure why though!

Hi Scentscelf- I haven't seen Julie and Julia yet but really want to! Yes cooking shows are compelling, there's tension, learning, the fact you want to eat the food- although they are quite frenetic I find them quite relaxing and calming. Plus there's the genius of the professional chefs like Michel Roux and Gordon Ramsay- people at the top of their game in the world.

Jayne said...

Whenever I see the words 'The Professionals' I think of the lovely Bodie & Doyle! But before I go into daydreams... I agree cookery shows can be compelling - I remember getting right into 'Can't Cook Won't Cook' when I was at University - I couldn't believe what they could cook from a starter of one onion and a small cabbage. Nowadays if I watch any it would be Masterchef - something strangely soothing about watching others cook (although I cannot watch it if hungry - go demented!)

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Loved the skills test last night - who knew about turning veg was so precise? xx

Rose said...

Hi Jayne- I loved your Open house post. Yep you can only watch Masterchef after dinner or with food, otherwise you end up eating everything you can see.

Top Bird- I know! Don't you find the sous chef lady terrifying? Michel is so laid back and kind to them all but she is so severe. She has us all in fits with some of the faces she pulls when they try and make up what to do when they don't know.