Monday 14 September 2009


I know I am hardly unusual in being utterly in love with my i-pod, in fact a post about how I don't like my i-pod would probably be far more interesting than a post about how much I do love it.

I don't read enough reviews or articles about Podcasts though- and for me they have become of the most important ways of getting information.

In no particular order I am addicted to the woman's hour podcast; Simon Mayo's book and film review programmes (particularly because I am a little bit in love with Mark Kermode); the today programme (although I wish the podcast was longer) and the Radio 4 review platforms Saturday Review and Front Row.

Of course the beauty is not having to worry about missing a programme you love (for me the film review show) but also being able to enjoy it at just the right time. I can relax on a bus and listen to Andrew Marr starting the week, or David Attenborough recounting interesting episodes from his life.

Podcasts make me feel like I am carrying a little friend with me all the time in a way that having my music with me doesn't. Of course I love the music too but the reason radio has endured for so long is because of it's very personal connection with the audience- and I think podcasts have the same intimate relationship. I look forward to the new series of Start the week in the way I look forward to new Spooks- podcasts I love are a signpost in the week and little treats for the bus on the way home. Podcasts: lovely little audio nuggets of bliss.

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