Tuesday 5 October 2010

Colouring books for grown ups

I like colouring in. I don't care that it is meant to be for children because I find it relaxing and satisfying (being artistic but not actually able to draw I like that there are lines to keep within). There is nothing so nice as sharpening pencils and then sitting down to colour while you listen to the radio or even if you are having a picnic in the park (not very likely in London this week I know). Go on, try it, it's pretty fun.

Some lovely colouring books for adults and children are:

The architecture colouring book from the Southbank centre shop.

Also the Arthur Rackham colouring book (I actually did a little dance when I found this), from Amazon and the book depository and others I'm sure.


Ines said...

:) I like this! Btw, I also love coloring books but I thought I was too old for one. Thanks for this!

Linda said...

How absolutely lovely - I really must get the Arthur Rackham one.... Thank you for this idea for rainy afternoons!

Metropolitan Mum said...

I've got a fashion illustrations doodle book - lots of spaces to colour in. Can't wait for little L to grow up and colour in with me.

Rose said...

Hi Ines- you are never to old for colouring books in my opinion

Hi Linda- that one is my favourite

Hi MM- ooh that sounds like fun too- you will have to tell me where I can get one of these. I agree, it will be very fun when you can do colouring with little L, it will be good for her development so you won't need an excuse at all!

Sarah @ Natural History said...

This is fantastic! I had no idea there were grown-up colouring books... I love the Arthur Rackham one.

Haddock said...

Now that is one book I would like to pick up (the colouring book)

Rose said...

Hi Sarah- it's as lovely as it looks!

Hi Haddock- do do, colouring is so relaxing