Sunday 17 May 2009

Bags of style

Earlier in the year I lamented the lack of handbags that I liked, even in the category of bags I can't afford but would love if I won the lottery.

Back then I got a slouchy worn black/ grey bag from All Saints which has been great.

Now I keep seeing bags I want, ones in the vaguely affordable category and in the not so. I think I might be finally seeing why people lust after bags the way they lust after shoes.

Here are my current winners:


Fendi (at Net-a-porter)

Ally Capellino



I think the Ally Capellino wins (in brown) for weekends. The Reiss bag is really stylish for the price- I'd love it black for work suit days and white for relaxed summer days.


La Maison Fou said...

I know where you are coming from, I did pick up a cute much smaller Lacoste black bag for the summer...I NEVER hardly buy bags ... I am a shoe person.
Good luck choosing, there are a lot of good ones!
lamaisonfou blog

Rose said...

Hi Leslie, Thanks for stopping by.

I am normally a shoe person too. I like bags and everything but I don't get over excited about them because I think in the big city the main priority is safety but I think maybe with le crunch the bag makers are trying a bit harder.

I can't really afford the Fendi although I think it's lovely. I think what I really need is about 3 of them (*rushes to buy lottery ticket*)