Monday 18 May 2009

The new London Evening Standard

I think it probably comes as no surprise that I am an Evening Standard fan and was very grateful when it was saved. I know not everything was good about it but an awful lot was and is. I like having a proper newspaper for London that deals with issues for London.

Now I read the free London papers as much as the next person but they are not really something to read as your only source of news, arts or anything. They do what they are designed for very well- occupying ten to fifteen minutes on the bus/ tube/ waiting to meet someone. I would not go home and read one like I would the Standard. Neither have they been part of the fabric of London life for- well forever in my lifetime and probably for most people's. I remember loving reading my Father's Standard when he had got the train home from work- because it seemed so cosmopolitan and chic to a little girl in Surrey who was very wide eyed about London and how everything that happened there was either terribly important or terribly cool- and often both.

So last week I decided to buy the Standard every day instead of just when I needed something to read on a journey or wanted the supplement. One week in to the new London Evening Standard and I am thoroughly enjoying it I have to say. Although I don't suppose the real positivity about London can or always should last I think the idea that it's on London's side again is obvious.

I loved the Paddington bear story on Tuesday which I can't find on their website but which was touching but never sickly and really brought a smile to my face. After a long, hard day of work Paddington bears thoughts on nice days out in London and why he's come to feel at home here were like a hug and a bottomless cup of tea.

I also liked this piece by Simon Jenkins slightly changing Dr Johnson's thoughts and saying the point of earning money is to live in London- and that is why people continue to live here and work hard to do so. I totally agree with him.

So far, so good. I have been happy to part with 50p each evening and hope I will continue to be.


vicki archer said...

You have definitely inspired me to buy the Evening Standard more regularly, xv.

Rose said...

Hi Vicki, I didn't get to buy the ES magazine on Friday (I think I was too late and they had all been packed away). I read on the blog Lola is Beauty that the ES re- design is not so good but I'm going to have to wait for this Friday to make up my mind for certain.

The rest of the new paper is good though, I think. Give it a try! Rx

Tania said...

if you show your Oyster card, you can get the Standard half-price. I've seen several stands with signs saying so. I don't know if it applies to all of them, though.

Rose said...

Tania, good tip- thanks! I am not as happy with the new ES magazine- they have taken the all important what perfume do you wear question out of the 'My London' questionnaire!

I am still loving Ashes to Ashes- although I thought Gene was holding back a bit with Alex last night compared to recent episodes. The tension between those two is agonising!

Fabulously French said...

When I worked in London I loved Fridays as I looked forward to getting the ES magazine - it always had such interesting articles. I have been reading it online but it is not the same :-(

L x

Rose said...

Hi L, I am exactly the same, part of the reason I love Fridays is the ES magazine!

Anonymous said...

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